spark something amazing!

From the moment you click in, you’ll be ignited. Let our instructors inspire you, and the rhythm of the music transform you: body and soul. Become one with energy of the room and your new tribe, alike. Set your intention. Release all inhibitions. Your journey starts here. Where it takes you is up to you.

light it Up

Introducing a killer workout that you’ll actually love doing. Our instructors will guide you through a fun, fast-paced, choreographed, full body, 45-minute workout packed with high-energy playlists. You’ll test your limits, and push your boundaries. Unleash endorphins, and consume pure joy.

take it with you

We believe you can leave with more than you came with, while still feeling lighter. The same sense of empowerment you get from achieving the physical and mental challenges we build into every class, you take with you out the door. And it’s different for everyone. You’ve already got the fire. Let us help you fuel it.