welcome to sparkcycle

If you’re new to SparkCycle or to a particular instructor, please let us know – we are happy to answer any questions. We were all once a new rider!

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prep for sweat

Drink! Be sure to stay hydrated. We recommend eating a light snack 30 minutes before you ride. For the class, just bring a tee or tank for top and legging or short for bottom.

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check in

Arrive early! at least 15 minutes before class if it’s yourfirst ride so we can get you setup. It’s important that every time you ride, you check-in at reception. If you don’t check in 5 minutes before class starts, we might release your bike. Riders are not allowed in class after it begins.

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shoes and water

We use cycling shoes and we provide them free of charge for class! You can also bring your own LOOK KEO if you’d like. Clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride so that you can make the most from the class! We also have plenty of water, you can fill up your own bottle from our fountains, or you can buy bottled water from reception.

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We’ve got you covered! We have lockers with coded keypads, towels and a range of grooming products and hairdryers on hand so you can shower and head straight to where you need to right after class.

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safety check

Make sure you test the brake, tighten the bike pins and your shoes are clipped securely in the pedals. Whilst our instructors will motivate you, please work at a pace that is comfortable for your body. (If you experience any unusual or persistent symptoms after a ride, do not hesitate to seek medical attention).