Spark 45

Our signature class is a fast-paced, 45-minute, full-body, sweat-inducing workout. You’ll work your entire body, and get a little extra upper body in, with added free weights. Packed with inspirational coaches and a high-energy playlist, you'll find your flow, free your mind, and Spark Something Amazing.

Spark 60

We'll give you 15 extra minutes. You'll leave with more inspiration, more sweat, and more Spark.

Spark 90

More is More: a 90-minutes class that gives you double the SPARK in the flow of our signature class. Be ready to give it your all. And give it some more. Don't be scared off, the extra time means more tap back, more sweat but also more active recovery during class. Bookings require a DOUBLE CREDIT.

Spark Tandem

Double up the fun, energy and tempo for 45 minutes. Two instructors will lead you through a high-intensity workout, fueling the fire, inspiration and Spark to do it all.

Spark Essentials

Our Signature class with a little extra TLC: this class is perfect for first-timers, and those new to riding. You’ll get all the sweat and sensation of our classic class, with an added breakdown of terminology and proper form.

Community Ride

Come and give it up and give it all for our newest Spark instructor! Classes are on the house! (No Credits required)